Saturday, December 31, 2011

So i was at partying at Butter Factory last week and there was this hugeeeeee eye-catching machine right beside the Butter Factory's entry queue and i couldn't help but checked it out..


Lol, kaypoh girl can't wait to try the flashy new toy thus the cheeky expression.


So there were pretty babes and hunks there to get people to try out the Last Man Standing machine, Nicole explained basically you just have to breathe into the breathalyzer and if you're the Last Man Standing, you're in the running to win a trip to Bali for 4! So get ALL your friends to go try it out to have a higher chance in hitting the jackpot woots!

So what does LAST MAN STANDING, TICKLED PICKLED, DITZY BABBLER, GIDDY GUZZLER, DRUNKENSTEINED mean? Basically Last Man Standing = a sober person. Hahaha as you go down the list it means you've taken some alcohol.. or too much!


This is where you’ve had one drink or less. Those who attain this stage, wins a instant dip in the bowl to win some cool prizes like vouchers etc, and only if you're in the Last Man Standing category you'll get to win the Bali trip for 4!


They’re close to being Last Man Standing but not close enough. They’re a bit high, happy and laughing is second nature. Sadly, no prizes for being second best.

You’re a few drinks past sober and 1 away from nonsensically jabbering the hell out of everyone. Becareful not to let loose any secrets!


You can’t walk in a straight line, can’t pronounce your name properly and are about to do a Merlion.


Sprawling on the floor on fours, concussed!


Muahaha ok so it's finally my turn at the Last Man Standing machine after a little queuing!


Yep they do change the tip where you breathe into, so don't worry about it being unhygienic or anything.


Hoho, i'm a Last Man Standing, haven't had any drinks for the night before partying heh!


Got to have a go in the instant lucky dip and i receive a $10 Playnation voucher, gonna pass it on to one of my guy friends haha


Oh and to explain why i was looking so kooky up there.. i tried on these beer googles, basically to stimulate the visual of a beer loaded person.. hahaha i could hardly do a proper high five not to mention walk straight in a line! Quite a weird experience really hahaha.


Bumped into Michelle outside Butter Factory. Got to know the pretty babe when we were working for an event at One degree fifteen a couple of years back!


Hehehe, got her and her mates to try out Last Man Standing too!



Hahaha, of course she got Last Man Standing too, we don't need alcohol to get high and party do we? :D


Lucky Dip! Hohoho


Yay! another awesome night of partying.

Ok so let me share with you one of my most humiliating moments which involved partying & drinking. So this was about 2 years ago, one day before the eve of CNY I was at DXO with my boyfriend and a bunch of friends partying, and i was drinking WAY over my limits.. worst thing was i didn't even remember drinking THAT much, i just remembered puking all over my boyfriend, on myself, and thank god he was there to take care of me because it was really the first time i totally blacked out, i was practically sprawling on my boyfriend lap, he was sitting at the curbside waiting for the valet to fetch the car. Totally unglam, in my mini skirt and everything.

I think i puked in his car too on the journey back, when we reached his carpark he set me sitting on the stairs while he tried to clean out his car, by the time he was back i was lying on the floor with a pool of puke beside me. -.- And he still snapped a photo and kept it till now k, think he's gonna use it to blackmail me one fine day lol!

So when i reached his place, cleaned up, but puked all over his bed and by then i was vomiting blood and the worst thing EVER! lol my period came and i was totally out of it and unaware of anything. So he panicked like HELL thinking wtf why is she vomiting blood and passing out blood too?! lol INTERNAL BLEEDING? he even called the ambulance and everything :x

So turned out it was alcohol poisoning and it was so upsetting cos i lost my voice and i was feeling so shitty i couldn't enjoy the family CNY reunion dinner the very next day. ):

Not only didn't i enjoy the partying experience since i was so busy puking and being so high that i'm "out of the zone", made my boyfriend worry for nothing and tire him out since he had to stay up the entire night to take care of me since i couldn't stop puking from the alcohol poisoning.. not to mention.. so paiseh for the mess i caused at his place. :x

So.. after that horrible experience I became much more aware of my alcohol limits. Stop means stop, no more means no more. So much more fun to enjoy the music and dance my face off instead of chugging down alcohol and puking my guts out. Nowadays i try to even avoid drinking at all when i club lol, since i feel more sleepy than high when i drink alcohol anyway. SELF HIGH! HAHAHAH


Yay! Still looking refreshed from a night of partying!


By the way, Last Man Standing will be at Clark Quay this weekend! It will be at different club location every weekend, so if you're partying at Clark Quay this New Year's weekend, be sure to go try it out, you might be the lucky winner to the Bali Trip for 4!

Have fun guys! :D

Loves, The Luckiest Chick.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everybody!
Wish you an awesome Christmas and New Year & all the best for the coming year. (:

So if you've been following me on twitter/instagram (my username is Fidelistoh for both accounts) you'd know i've been hanging out with Leon pretty much lately. We're not back together, but we're just dating, having lots of fun and enjoying each other's company really.

I guess it's just awesome dating someone who knows you the best really. I mean, we were together for 7 years. I know this may seem a little contradicting with my previous post about him a couple months back, i was pretty much pissed off and hurting post-breakup then, so i said a whole chunk of hurting things about him that i shouldn't have, for that I'm sorry..I'm sorry i hurt ya. ):

Some recent pics! Leon was in Taiwan last month and he went to hunt this down for me:



I've been meaning to replace my old rilakkuma screen protector cos it's really old and full of scratches, but i couldn't find them anywhere in sg anymore so when he found it in taiwan i was SO HAPPY!

Love it cos it's just the screen prfotector so it doesn't add to the thickness of the iphone as compared to using cases etc.



At Udders Serangoon Gardens the other day.. lol monster cone!


Starburst Chews! He tried to get my favorite starburst babies but they weren't available, but the chews are surprisingly yummy!

But who am i kidding. I'm like the kid who loves ANY candy lol! Like i care if it comes in the form of babies gummy or candy chews! And cute rila iphone buttons!


I was craving for Salted Egg Custard Bun and he brought me to satisfy my cravings the very next day hehe.

Victor Kitchen is located at Sunshine Plaza Level 1 and it's the BEST seriously. Other than the Salted Egg Custard Bun you gotta try the XO carrot cake too!


mmmmm!!! How can you say no to that.



We were at Winnie's birthday party at Capella and one of the photographer, Hendra shot this.

So i was thinking of what would be a meaningful xmas gift for him this year, since he'll be traveling alot next year for work, and he complained that he's breaking out from sleeping on the hotel's pillowcase etc..

So i bought a set of pillowcases from Tommy Hilfiger and embroidered some stuff on it myself. Lol it's really my first time embroidering anything, so I'm pretty proud of it although it looked pretty whacked! hahahaha

But he thought the embroidery was customized and done by Tommy Hilfiger k! So must be pretty ok? LOL

Ugh don't know why i totally forgotten to take a couple of shots before giving it.
But anyway i had fun surprising him, arranged for the gift to be couriered to his place around the time that he usually wakes up hehehe

Really glad that he loved it, hehe he called me the minute he got it and he was still groggy from dreamland and he said he used it immediately heh


Went out that afternoon and we were at Lush @ Wisma Atria, he told me that i could pick anything i want as my christmas gift! If you've been following me on twitter you would know i am a HUGE fan of Lush.

So him saying that resulted in.. Fidel gone wild in Lushland. :D

After a LONG time i picked the You Are A Star boxset and it comes with all these awesome products that i simply cannot wait to try out!


Mai siao siao, i'm gonna use the same products as halle berry, tyra banks, mischa barton, angelina jolie etc!


I've been a good girl this year, can't wait to open my presents but they are sitting under our Christmas Tree with Mr. Santa who has been under that tree every christmas since i was a little baby.. hehe taking good care of my precious xmas gifts..

I just came home from a house party where we did our countdown and all (blog about it another time) and I'm waiting for mummy to wake up in awhile so we can open our presents together on Christmas Morning!

Seriously, Who has the patience to wait till boxing day, NO! Fidel opens her present on christmas day! Hehee


So here's my Top Chef for Christmas Eve haha, I'm so pampered. We wanted to have dinner at Dozo but we were sure that it would be hard to get last minute reservations anywhere for christmas eve so we went for Sakura at Marina Country Club that Esther introduced us during our Mystery Makan.


Nom nom nom!
Bah why didnt i take a photo of my beautiful dress from

Merry Merry Christmas to you!
Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Danny's birthday & attica

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hey guys! So excited, i'll be going for the Nuffnang award along with all the other awesome bloggers this weekend!

So i attended Danny's birthday maybe last month? Hahaha, lots of fun, laughters with the jmd bunch that night. Can't wait for our christmas party yo!


Happy Birthday man!

Went up to his place to "borrow his toilet" and he brought his kolvis down to the bbq area hahaha, ok it's my first time seeing any dogs do this so it's so freaking amazing to me hahaha he trained Kolvis to hold his own leash whenever they are out for a walk, how cute is that?!




Went to the Attica full moon party with them a couple of weeks back, DJ Sophia was AWESOME, but nope, we're all not a fan of the blaring horns. No idea why she has to do the horn sound like it's so over man! Half deaf when we left the club. Seriously.





yay camwhore with my old canon Ixus 100is




Awesome party and great company for the night! (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Christmas 2011 decors

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Hehehe, in a good mood today!

Last night i helped mummy fix up the christmas tree and all the x'mas decors. It's the time of the year again!!! Have you done your x'mas shopping yet? I'll probably go look see around abit later after my Salsa lesson at Mosaic Dance School .

Just gonna share some of the photos i took of the x'mas decor last night, the warm feeling of the x'mas decor and blinking lights never fails to make me a happy girl! (^_-)

The Snowwhite x'mas tree ornament has been around and hanging on our x'mas tree since i was a little baby. Still looking good after 21 years haha.


Hahaha, when my mum pulled Mr Santa out from the x'mas ornaments box she said in a manly voice "Hohoho, HI I'M BAAAAACK!"

Lol, i've seen this santa under my x'mas tree since i was a little kid!


We have 3 new snow man & ladies joining in the x'mas fun this year!
Mummy said: " It's Daddy Snowman, Mummy Snowman & Baby snowman (ME)!!!"



Loving the reflections of the lights is throwing on the walls.



Hope you have all your Christmas plans set by now! Counting down to Christmas in 20 days! (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Nokia Amazing Everyday Style Challenge

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Hey y'all!

I'm doing a giveaway of 3 Nokia Purity headsets by Monster, a recognized leader in high performance audio and it comes in crazy cool colours like cyan, black, white and my favorite is the HOT PINK as shown below:

Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset Fuschia

Chio right! The local price for this headset have not been set yet but the european price for this is 200 EUROS!!!

‘Amazing Everyday’ is the millions of little adventures that await you out there and it comes to life in the Nokia Lumia series. The new Nokia Lumia 800 is the perfect device to find these moments, get into them, capture them and make them yours, to live adventure everywhere. It can even be spicing up an everyday outfit to look simply amazing to brighten up a boring day!

Head down to The Heeren on 3 and 4 December for the Nokia Lumia Amazing Style Challenge hosted by Xiaxue, where there will be a runway show featuring local fashion designers at 3pm and 5pm on both days. Xiaxue will also be a fashion scout and look for the most stylish trendsetter in that area!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, To win a headset, all you have to do is to go down to the Nokia Lumia Amazing Style Challenge at The Heeren on these two days, and submit an entry of a picture of themselves in an ‘amazing everyday’ outfit at the Nokia Lumia Amazing Everyday Style Challenge on 3 and 4 December, 12 to 7pm, using the fashion props that they can find there. Email the pics to me @

Also, you should enter the amazing everyday photo/video on the Nokia Singapore Facebook page to stand a chance to win a Nokia Lumia 800. This contest is at and will run from 1 to 31 December.

Good luck! Hope you're one of the 3 winners. (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.